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The following lists of marches are from the state of Utah and the SCSBOA.  While ensembles are required to play a march for the ABODA High School Area/State Concert Band Festival, there is no grade level requirement.  For the purposes of the ABODA constituency, these grade levels act only as suggestions that may aid the director during the process of selecting an appropriate march for his/her ensemble.  The Jr. HS list of marches is also a possibility for our high school directors.  Middle School/Jr. HS programs are not required to play a march at their concert band festivals.

List #1

List #2

List #3


2017 AMEA In-Service Conference – ABODA Session handouts

(The following sessions provided information to be shared on the website for our members.)

Deeper Connections in the Orchestra Classroom_Andrew Dabczynski

Games for Improved Listening_Greg Solomon

Hiding the Vegetables_Erin Cole

What Makes Your Administrator Tick_Greg Solomon

Outside the Box_Scott Glasser

Portable Pedagogical Percussion Ensembles_Goglia_Gottry

Teaching Techniques for Elem Band_Todd Lvingston

The Why of Effect_Greg Solomon

Tricks of the Trade_Haenfler_Kalo_Livingston

Achieving Your Ensemble Sound_Michael Pote_Chris Grifa