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For information on ABODA festival events, please refer to the ABODA Festival Handbook located in the “members only” section of the website.

If you have problems getting the registration link to work for you, try the following:

  1. Contact your district IT Department and have them check browser/server settings for you.
  2. Try registering from a different computer or device on a different network.
  3. Contact Dennis Smith at aboda@cox.net for assistance. (after you have tried the above suggestions)

If you are not receiving your confirmation Emails, please contact your school/district IT Department and make sure they are not holding up Emails from admin@aboda.org.  Also check your junk mail and spam folders.

Marching Band Declaration Form (CLOSED)

Deadline: 8/24/2018

Marching Band Eval Show (CLOSED)

Deadline: 8/31/2018

Fall Orchestra Festival (CLOSED)

Deadline: 8/24/2018

Fall Band Festival (CLOSED)

Deadline: 10/26/2018

State Marching Band Festival (CLOSED)

Deadline: 10/19/2018

State Marching Band Championship (CLOSED)

Deadline: 11/5/2018

All-State Jazz Auditions (CLOSED)

Deadline: 11/16/2018

Area Concert Festival (HS) (CLOSED)

Deadline: 12/7/2018

Area Jazz Festival (HS/MS) (CLOSED)

Deadline: 12/7/2018

EL/JH Area Band and Orchestra Festival (CLOSED)

Deadline: 12/7/2018

All-State Jazz Band Participation (CLOSED)

Deadline: 1/18/2019

State Concert Festival (OPENS 3/8/2019)

Deadline: 3/15/2019

State Jazz Festival (OPENS 3/8/2019)

Deadline: 3/15/2019

EL/JH State Band and Orchestra Festival (OPENS 3/28/2019)

Deadline: 4/5/2019